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In a parallel world, 2 countries are fighting for control of the resources on the moon, you are a member of the USA team and your base has been attacked by forces of the Soviet Union and you try to recover your base and then advance to the enemy base , you will have to fight hard to reach the enemy base.

There are many enemies, some robots are very tough and you won't beat them easily.

Shoot as much as you want, just recharge when it's over, but take care of your energy because there is only one recharge per level.

In the first phase it will not do to shoot at the legs, at the base there are 150 enemies, and several will come at the same time, do not let yourself be defeated, hold on until the end, be careful in the corridor, they will go to the bottom and through the doors.

If you achieve the phase of the base, the mines and the moon, you will reach the enemy base, to defeat them you will have to neutralize a missile launcher truck.


- A game made in AMOS, with love for all the friends of the "Amiga".

- Use the mouse to aim and shoot, also shoot at ammunition and energy refills.
- 3 lives that will be lost if the energy is spent.
- 4 Levels with unique music and a Boss.
- Statistics of your performance, and the 10 best.
- Pause.
- Exit the game (killing himself).


Game & Level Design : Jojo073.

Game Programming: Luis Fernandez. (LuisCoCo) luis45ccs at hotmail.com.

Graphics: Jojo073.

Music : Narcisound

SoundFX: Jojo073.

Iron Gate software (CC)2022 All Right Reserved,

Original box (phisic) email to: JOJOCREATIVO at GMAIL.COM


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TagsAmiga, amos, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Mision la Luna.adf 880 kB


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Thanks, anigwei , Stallone7, pat69poleoni, Gamedevelopment Community, elminster, RageII, rotomagus76, lmlima, Rayner1979, slobman, Saberman , AmyMor, Passione Amiga, phantom1311, jack, tempest,  NAVCOTEL, zaquarta, t.viutti

THANK YOU ALL for your purchase or for following me, I will try to put all the games together, I love that you play it and comment on me.

I think there are more to go, my excuses to those who are missing

hello, is this game playable on the A500 mini?? because i do not own a real hardware, but the mini can play some adf files with the latest firmware update

Yes, the new A500, I think that by updating the firmware it accepts Adf and you will be able to play it

Only in spanish? I know there must be not much text, but anyway....

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Although it, was one of the suggestions that I tried to put in the game, plus others, they were not made since the owner of the game does not want to have options and several versions rolling around, I'm just the programmer, but if you want write to me email and I'll see if I can convince the owner to make a version for you

Thats nice and i would apreciate it. @ which mailadress i can send u a message?

luis45ccs at hotmail.com or gmail.com

Thanks. Email is send.


Very nice :-)

Thanks a lot, Trying to improve the games

Hi, I purchased the game which I found very fun and addicting. For now, I always manage to get to the final boss without managing to give him a single shot. The question I wanted to ask, however, is the question of the two versions available for Download? What are the differences between the two? Thanks a lot and keep it up!

In the version with options, you can control the volume of sound effects and the volume of music, also control the amount of enemies, difficulty, how many are dead, pass the level, a faster look (only A1200) and other options , but we have disabled it so that people do not get confused, anyway you can always talk to me directly to my email.